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Turn OFF My Food Craving

Turn OFF My Food Craving


Within your subconscious there exists a massive control center with the controls for every aspect of your body: your muscles, your immune system, your food preferences, your metabolism, your emotions, your brain function, your blood pressure,. . . everything!

Turn Off the Craving in your Control Center

In the “Turn OFF My Food Craving” process, you decide what food you choose to remove from your preferences and why. The process involves an e-book for understanding how your mind and the control center work. Then you decide on which food to turn off your preference and the reason why (how will it benefit you?) You will label a model of the control that you want to adjust and practice that adjustment. Then your relaxing guided imagery will lead you into your control center where you will actually make the adjustment. Those who have done this report that the resultant change in food preference is so automatic and effective, they didn’t even notice that are no longer interested in their former craved food.

Any adjustment possible, one at a time

Make only one adjustment each time you go to your Control Center. You are more aware of the success of your adjustments if you avoid making more than one at a time. You can always go back and make another adjustment on another day.

Will Turning Down My Craving Really Work?

“I loved to go to the “unlimited french-fries” diner before my hypnosis session with Duncan Tooley. After he helped me turn down my french-fries craving control, they just don’t taste that great. Now I enjoy them only occasionally and I eat just a few.!”  — Aaron

“I couldn’t stop drinking 2 glasses of wine every evening and it was sabotaging my weight loss effort.  After Duncan had me turn my “wine dial” off, I stopped!”  –Kathy

 “I totally stopped my daily two glasses of gin after our first class.”   — Mary

 “You had me turn down my coffee control half-way, but since I saw you, Duncan, I haven’t had a drop of coffee.  And I feel a whole lot better. My sugar level and blood pressure are both down.”   — Tony

Your Food Control Can Turn Cravings UP too!

“I used to never eat vegetables.  I knew I should, so I would buy them, and then they just sat there and rotted.  Now I make a vegetable smoothie for breakfast every morning.  It was the hypnosis!  — Lee Ann

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