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Ace your Exam and/or Final Grade

Make those sub-conscious adjustments that automatically lead to higher grades.  It is easy and can be applied to any academic subject. It uses the Control Center technique that has been widely proven in many areas of habits, skills and preferences.

What you get in this package are:

  • Explanatory ebook that walks you through the conscious process of understanding, intention setting, and adjustment rehearsal.
  • A Control Chart worksheet on which to rehearse your grade set-point adjustment.
  • Structured meditation in which you enter your sub-conscious Control Center and make adjustment to you set-point under the guidance of your Control Meister.

Although the specific results cannot be guaranteed (after all, you are the biggest variable in the results!), your satisfaction with the product IS guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with the product, email duncantooley @ for a refund.

arrow-blue-right  Purchase instructions:

  • When taken to PayPal page, click tab at bottom right “Pay with credit or debit card” to open credit card window.
  • After payment, wait for automatic return to Purchase Confirmation page.
  • On “Purchase Confirmation” page, download your three files listed at the bottom. (Refresh the page if the payment does not show “complete”).

Questions or support 310-8312-0830 or duncantooley @